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Puritan Pride supplements/vitamins

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I ordered from the US website, after speaking with customer service in US and they said that they didn't have a Mexico website.

I received my shipment without fuss or duty, and quite frankly the discount was very good... I stayed clear of the 50.00 limit (Duty happens over 50.00?) Cost was much less (see below) what I'd pay in stores lakeside.


Ship speed : Took 4 weeks to reach me.

I ordered three bottles for 13.39 (vs 60.00 here) and paid 10.00 shipping. Total was 23.49 vs 60.00!

Happy with this source of shipping PP vites. Faster arrival than most other vite suppliers.

Has anyone ordered supplements from Puritan Pride? Any duty charged at the border?

Also, approximately how long did they take to arrive here.


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I have ordered from Puritan's for years...in Mazatlan as well as here. I was told in order to use my US credit card with a ship to address in Mexico, that I had to use the Spanish language website...worked just fine. I was told by Aduana in GDL that the packages must be under 2 kg...no mention of a dollar limit. YMMV

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I have been ordering vitamins from Swanson Vitamins for 3 years. They used to use USPS International for shipping, and there was never a problem. I received the order in approximately 4-5 weeks. It seemed to take at least 3 weeks to clear customs.

I placed an order several weeks ago. When it didn't arrive, I called Swanson Vitamins to check. They just started using DHL for shipping. Upon investigation, the order was stuck in Mexican customs. DHL told Swanson that customs wanted a doctor's prescription to cover the vitamins in the order! Customs will not release the order to DHL so that it can be returned to Swanson. This all occurred because Swanson switched to DHL for shipping.

I know that Puritan Pride uses DHL to ship to Mexico because I called them yesterday hoping that I could find another company to use to get the few vitamins that I like. I would be interested if anyone has had a problem with Customs using DHL for vitamin shipments.

Regarding duty - with USPS International shipments of vitamins, I have been charged anywhere from 0 pesos to 40 pesos - never more. I am not sure how the post office arrived at the charge, but it was minimal so was of no consequence.

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My experience with Puritan's is that they use,DHL ... the merchandise is shipped to Holland, then to Mexico and is delivered to Mexipost for delivery via surface mail. A very convoluted way to get the goods here but seems to work....just takes some planning, especially around the holidays when everything gets bottled up. Once an order took almost 3 months to arrive. When I think it is about time for the order to show up, I start checking with the post office in Ajijic and they have always been so nice and helpful and surprise of surprises, they have on occasion even delivered it to the house! I always tip the delivery person.

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On ‎7‎/‎14‎/‎2015 at 0:57 PM, Quinn said:

Farmacia Express is carrying PP vitamins. She will order in anything you want. Near Oxxo and Sunrise on the lake side just passed San Antonio.

Does anyone know if this store still carries, or orders, Puritan Pride vitamins?

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