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Emissions test--do I have to do it?


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Actually, believe it or not, if you buy a new car which will have a sticker from the purchase date and you get a license plate with a renewal number later than the month in which you bought the car, even it it's the very next month, you have to go in and get another sticker for the same year! This happened to me...May purchase, 8 license digit, another test in Sept.

Why would you need to go in September if you have the 2015 sticker with the colour of the year on your window showing that you have paid for the year?

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Posted Yesterday, 06:15 PM

The place in Chapala does diesel. I was there when a diesel car came in and they were told "yes, we can do diesel here"
I just came back from Chapala (Taller Mecanico y Hologramas) talked to Carlos, 376 765-2141 @ calle Zaragoza #375 and it was a definite NO for diesel emission control. Asked for any other place he could suggest and again a no. Then drove to Car City talked to Cesare and another NO, with no suggestion for a place in the city.
Now what?????????? Captain Joseph

After much research, phone calls and calls for favors owed myself, I have found a place that does do diesel inspections. I had to go to Guad to the following place. Estanislao Ibarra Cortez, Nicolas Romero # 683, Guadalajara, Jal. It is 36.2 miles from Walmart here in Ajijic, and estimated one hour and fifteen. Phone Number of Taller is 333 825-0107

Clean station, very professional, and fast. However the girl (Emily) first said I did not pass, then realized that the car was not gasoline, but diesel. The cost was 400 pesos. She removed the old sticker and placed the new one on the front windshield.

Hope this helps other diesel owners..........

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Went to the "Taller Mecanico y Hologramas" in Chapala this afternoon and within 15 minutes had both cars checked, new emissions stickers in place and pertinent paperwork in the glove compartment. For those still needing to get this done, here are the details:

Firstly, if your car doesn't pass, you don't pay. If it does pass, the fee is $300 pesos.

Driving into Chapala from the West, take a left onto the main street (Madero) and go 2 blocks. Turn Right onto Degollado. Follow Degollado for 2 blocks until you reach Zaragoza. Take a Left onto Zaragoza and go to #375. It's on the Right side of Zaragoza. It's well signed and easy to pull into. The fellas there are very friendly and helpful.

They are open Monday-Friday from 9-6 and Saturday from 9-2. Their phone number is 765-2141.

Now, one less reason to be pulled over by our friendly Vialidad officers while driving Gringa, LOL!

Valerie :)

Buena suerte!

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Excellent directions for those who do not know Chapala well. It is easy to find and, yes, they are very nice folks. My wife used to take our car there every year......well, we missed a couple. :)

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I think Car City in Riberas will do the testing using their Guad facility to issue the sticker, they do not advertise the service..I maybe wrong but afew years back I used them

They might... but they are NOT authorized at this time! Ditto for the place on Libertad in San Antonio.....

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Update May.27, 2017....Just had my car done in Chapala. Cost is now $400. It is a joke, of course. All they do is stick a sniffer in the tailpipe & voila, you pass. They don't even check to see if your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is on. IMHO, it's just a money grab. But, better than being hassled by the local cops. 

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