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New Youth Baseball Startup

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The community of Ixtlahuacan wants me to start up a youth baseball program but has no funding available for the moment since it was not included as a budget item for the year. They will hunt for a piece of property we can use for a field when we are ready to begin. But since we have no equipment and many of the kids are as poor as church mice I have to figure out how to do that.

There is an organization in the US that recycles used equipment for free. But we have to pay for shipping and any import taxes. Since it will all be used stuff there should be no import taxes. What I need is two vehicles coming this way to divide the two boxes they estimate will be coming to us. How big is a box? Dunno yet but that question has been submitted and am awaiting an answer.

In any event if anyone is willing to help transport stuff to help the kids we would be appreciative. If you are one, please send me a PM so we can conjure up details. Thank you for considering this request..


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