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Repairman for Treadmill

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My motor started smelling way to hot and finally burnt out. I am contemplating talking to the repair shop just north of the Main drag on Colon in Ajijic. If I find anything out I will so post.

Or maybe someone else has a better suggestion :)

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To my knowledge there is no one local who can fix these.

HOWEVER there is a place in GDL who sends techs out here and fixes this stuff. You guys can save money if you coordinate with each other and have them look at both machines on the same call.

Ernesto Carmona Arellano

3336181030 land line

044-331654307 cell phone

They fixed a lifecycle for me that others had tried and failed on. They list treadmills as first on their list of stuff they fix and even have a picture on one on their card.

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