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The campaign to collect electronic waste is Feb 27 in Jocotepec

*Delegación San Juan Cosalá

Calle Porfirio Díaz entre Iturbide y Cardenal

*Taller de Ayun. Municipal

Carretera Gdl-Morelia frente a gasolina del crucero a 15 m del ingreso a Jocotepec

More info. 387-763-00-72

Electronic waste received:

Fax, Palm, computer, video game console, Hard Drive, Telecommunication Equipment, Laptop, electronic card, TV, Phone, IPod, Mouse, Monitor, Decoder, Printer, Copier, DVD player, CD, MP3, Keyboard, Video projector, Small appliances, Microwave, Radio and Batteries

No bulbs or appliances are received

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