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Immigration issues


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My Residente Temporal expires later this year. In order to get myself up to speed on the latest laws before renewing I visited a well-known local agent. I was shocked when I was told that I would be better off financially if I went Permanente as the cost for that was a one-time $10,500 pesos whereas renewal of Residente Temporal was now $15,000 pesos per year!

Subsequently I was discussing this with a friend who told me he had just this month renewed his RT through the same agent for four more years at a cost of $2000 pesos per year.

Has the law changed so dramatically in the past few weeks? Has anyone got a clear understanding of just what are the rules and regulations concerning Temporal and Permanente and how much if costs for each?

The issue is further complicated by the fact that I have a foreign-plated car that was made in Japan and which I leave here when I am gone during the summer months. Does anyone know for sure if I can have it Mexican plated? I am reluctant to get rid of it as it is still in very good shape.

Thanks in advance for any input

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In December INM announced their 2015 fees, in the DOF:


Residente Temporal Visa Permit Fees:
– 1 year => $3,519 pesos
– 2 years => $5,272 pesos
– 3 years => $6,678 pesos
– 4 years => $7,914 pesos

Regularization Fee: (Plus fines) => $1,124 pesos

Change Fees:
~ Changing from Residente Temporal to Residente Permanent => $1,124 pesos
~ The fee for family members or spouses to change from Visitante (tourist) to Residente
=> $1,124 pesos
~ Work permission change fee (from non-working temporary resident) => $2,642 pesos

Residente Permanent: Visa cost => $4,289 pesos

Lost / Stolen / Damaged Document Replace​ment Fee: $1,083 pesos

Permission to leave while document in process: (Travel Letter) $360 pesos

Re importing Japanese manufactured (non-NAFTA) car: Ordinary foreigners are not allowed to import Japanese cars with VINs starting with a letter, like J.

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My office charges much less than that, the quote seems very high and on the higher end of the range for similar services. We charge 5,100 for temporary for one year, permanent is like 7,600 pesos.

Our price includes the appeal if you are denied wrongly and we did 2 appeals last year and won both as if you are denied then you need to leave the country within 30 days, our competition routinely has clients denied and dont tell them there is a deportation order nor do they file an appeal.

Nobody seems to be able to get nationalizations done right now nor has been for a few months, more airport nationalization scandals brewing with people paying 50,000 pesos for fake papers.

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Only you can decide whether to go Permanente or stay Temporal (for however many more years you can). BUT, if you go Permanente you will have to remove your foreign-plated Japanese "J" car by the time you obtain that class of visa. It cannot be sold here unless that person is immediately taking it out of the country for you and, as mentioned above, cannot it be re-imported Permanently into Mexico.

If you have a spouse there might be some other options for you, but.....

Sounds like to me you might would want to get an appointment with Spencer.......

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