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We will be having daily specials daily after 4:30 PM, except Sunday when the specials will be available when we open. We will announce the specials no later then noon of each day.
Tomorrows specials are first Veal Osobuco, in the eight days we have been open this will be the 4th time it will be a special and each time it has sold out rapidly. It is a large portion and the comments have been about how much they like the gravy.
Second will be Beef Stew just like your mother used to make and this also has been very popular.
Third will be Duck Magret with forest fruit sauce. David learned how to cook duck while studying and working in France. This duck is cooked for a minimum of 6 hours and if you like duck you will be very happy. Bon Appetite!
David has also added a new permanent item to the menu La Mision Hamburger.
The meat is chopped not ground filet mignon in other words not your typical trimmings from boning beef bones and adding suet ie fat and then running it thru the grinder.
When prepared it looks just like a hamburger patty and is served on fresh bread from Peter's Panaderia, plus tomatoes,lettuce and sauteed onions. It is served with 2 side sauces and after you apply theses I doubt anyone would want to put either mayo or ketchup on this delicious combination.
We served it yesterday for the first time and had comments of "best burger ever".
The cost is 54 Pesos.
We open at 12:30 PM tomorrow Thursday the 18th and close at 9:00 PM
Phone # for reservations is 376 108 0887.
Wishing you a wonderful day and don't forget when you dine at La Mision you are helping feed and train those less fortunate,
Along that line we could use your help we need some Mexican women who would be willing to teach classes to these mothers. It is fine that we are providing food but we also need to help these mothers learn to be better parents, leadership skills, etc. etc. if you know of any Mexican woman who might be willing please give us their name and # and we will do the rest.

Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration. La Mision.

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This will be the main La Mision thread for the restaurant to post news. menus, etc.

From another thread, La Mision is open six days per week, closed on Wednesdays.

If you as a restaurant patron have a review, please start a review thread in La Cocina. This thread is for the use of La Mision.


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Since my reply to La Misison being blocked yesterday which was a complete and honest accounting of one member's objection to one word used in asking for some help from the community so that we could help so many more has also been blocked, I would invite you to visit our site on Facebook LaMision Ajijic.

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