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US Consulate visit in Nov

La Aurora

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Dont' have an answer yet, as we are in the same situation.

Just called the Consult number to ask,

but after 6 memu choices [ punch this if you want this . ]

and 7 minutes of listening to recorded messges still could not find out the answer, muchless get to speak to a live peson...

very similiar to trying to get thru to a live person at Microsoft.

Called the Am Legion and a very helpful person there did not have the answer yet, as they have not been notified.

There was a Rep from the consult for the Veteran's Day event,

and that consult person at the event was asked about the Wed visit, and he did not know the answer.

Just tried the consult number and only get busy siganal.

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I've read it is the second Wed this month but thought I saw something in the Guad Reporter about it being changed to the fourth Wed of Nov.Anybody know which it is for sure?

The reason you could not contact the US Consulate today, is because it was a Holiday, in the States, so they also have the day off.

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