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Where to buy good cabinet door hardware


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We're having some cabinets made by a local carpenter and we want to select our our pulls and handles, Lakeside.

Last January, I bought some hardware for other pieces of furniture and was satisfied. I can't remember the store name but it was a ferretería and I'd be able to find it. It's in Ajijic, mountain side of the Carratera, past the downtown core.

I'm looking for other places with even more selection, if there are any, with brushed chrome or nickel hardware would be nice.


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I too am looking for hardware but in my case a pair of hinges. They are rather unusual having a large round bit that is sunkinto the counter and a long arm that connect to the door. Anyway, I will try this shop and see. thanks for the information.

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Sounds to me like you are describing European hinges, one of the best and most popular hinge styles NoB. There are many different styles of European hinges but the way they attach with the sunken portion is the same for most of them. They have become very popular because of their ease of installation and how they can be adjusted to square after the installation of the door, and over time if for any reason the doors go out of square.

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MEXNOW you are right about the hinges I need and I actually found them in the Prisa store. They are not as finely made as the

original but will do the job. never knew about this source until it appeared on this site. Thanks. Saved me a trip to Guad

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