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  • 3 years later...

Resurrected a 3rd time! 

The driver for Bonifant that serviced my house in Riberas and my friend's house in SAT (I think his name was Louis) no longer appears to work for Bonifant and the new driver has only stopped once in the last month. He came by today yelling "Bonifant" but was driving so fast that when I got to the door he was out of ear-shot.

The new driver, Roberto, has a cell, but never answers any day of the week, any time of the day -- nor does he respond to SMS text messages in Spanish.

I only go through 2 garafons per week, but hernias prevent me from picking them up myself at Oxxo or 7/11... which is what they have left me doing (and I talk one of the teenage boys in the neighborhood to lend a hand... for a couple of coca colas.)

Adios Bonifant.

FYI, I think they were 40 pesos per garafon, plus a voluntary 5 peso tip per garafon. I woudl always get 2 - 3 at a time, depending upon how much time had elapsed between their visits.





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That price is ludicrous. There are lots of small places like Pirineos, one in Riberas, new one west Ajijic somewhere just opened. They have water test certifications hanging on their wall. 21 pesos delivered. There is one in the centre of Ajijic. There are more. Don't pay those inflated prices to the companies that are owned by Coke, etc.

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Call Katya Water. They have delivery guys for all over so call to find the person who delivers to your area. We leave the empties where they can be seen and our water guy stops and rings the bell. I think he said the cost is 23 pesos a garafon but that was a year ago.

Tel: 765-3999
Juarez #535-A, Chapala, Jal.


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When you can get unlimited clean water filtered through a 5-step process from a dedicated tap at your sink why fuss with garafones, delivery men, and the potential of fecal matter in your water (yes, those garafones can be nasty!)? 

The equipment is provided and maintained by the company and the monthly fee is reasonable. After you turn 6-friends onto the service that sign up, your water is FREE! I haven't paid a peso in over a year and I am now helping a friend get her water free.

IM me with your name, and phone# if you would like the rep to contact you and quit chasing water trucks.

Edited to add- This is a Green company giving back to the community and working to reduce plastic waste.

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Why pretend this is a secret? The company is called Aguagente. Lots of us use them. Water is not free until you sign six others up for their service. Before that it is about 250 a month for unlimited supply from faucet they add at your kitchen sink with filtration system under the sink.

For accurate information call them in Guadalajara directly: 33-3127-0350 and speak with bilingual Letty.

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I found it much simpler to just put a reverse osmosis system in me sink which feeds both a small faucet in the kitchen and feeds the water to the refrigerator ice making machine.

I don't know what  a small reverse osmosis machine costs these days, but I had mine installed in 2008 and it has more than paid for itself over the years  

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