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Shoes for Mexico


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I just found out that the dance event I've been working on for Lorraine Kulig and Shoelanthropists could result in 10,000 pairs of shoes for Mexican kids, so suddenly I'm feeling much more aggressive about recruiting people who would like to participate in a very easy and fun dance. If you're curious or on the fence about being one of the people who are in those super cool spontaneous dance numbers, please come to the Cultural Center, Ajijic Plaza, at 12:30 on Saturday to see what we're doing. It's easy and fun, I promise!

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I'll be there and hope many others will join us. The choreography is very simple and really fun! It's a great opportunity to come together as a community and hopefully help some locals....

Rehearsal (learn the steps) this Saturday, April 13th at 12:30 in the Ajijic Cultural Center in the Ajijic Plaza. The actual event/Flash Mob is Tues. at 1 pm on the Chapala Malecon in front of The Beer Garden. Whether you wish to participate or support the event, we really hope to see lots of smiling faces!

Valerie :)

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This is Lorraine, THESHOELANTHROPISTS, we are slated to give away shoes at several barrios after our event.

Tuesday APRIL 16th at 1:00 -2:00 pm at the BEER GARDEN on the CHAPALA MALECON


Raise awareness of the problem of our children going barefoot.

Collect new or gentlly worn shoes, for children, also for their parents.

Create a GLOBAL VIDEO for a contest to win 10,000 pair of shoes for our Lakeside Community Children

There will be a LARGE art installation of some of the most unusual shoes in the world.

COME OUT FOR ONE HOUR! Bring shoes for donation!

WE really need ALL OF LAKESIDE SUPPORTERS, The Event is FREE, Promise much FUN!

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