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Milo is a super-friendly 9-month old rescued black and white Lab and he needs a home - YOUR home! In return he has lots of love to give and will be your faithful best friend and protector Forever! (see pics below.)

There are a lot of Labs for adoption around here, but the advantage with Milo is that he's been raised for the past 6 months in a loving foster home where he could be observed and his temperament evaluated. He's good with children and adores puppies. Although he's big (about 50 pounds), he plays gently with smaller dogs, but he really wants a dog friend his own size so he can wrestle and chase squirrels and do Big Dog stuff. He would be a great man's dog, but is used to women. He loves walks with his human and is an excellent watch dog - besides barking he comes and gets me when someone is at the door. He sounds ferocious, but really wants to be friends with strangers, especially the yard man whom he likes to "help" with the raking. :lol:

Milo is neutered, had all his shots, gets regular grooming, and is in good health. He does have bad teeth from being chronically mal-nourished as a puppy, but his teeth have been cleaned and the bad ones pulled. He's housebroken and is past the chewing on furniture stage so he's ready for a Forever home!

Milo is an indoor-outdoor dog and needs a fenced yard so he can run, and a couple of walks per day. Another big dog would be great. He likes to lay on the couch next to me while I'm watching TV and get his stomach scratched and sleeps on my bed at the foot. Milo is a truly loving and faithful Best Friend!

Call Anne at 765-3030 if you would like to give Milo a loving Forever Home.



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When Milo is bored he barks at my cat and the cat hisses at him and I tell them to stop and Milo is off to find a toy or chase a squirrel or take a nap in the sun. He is curious about cats and would love to be friends if they'd quit hissing at him. He's a big friendly semi-puppy who wants to have fun and be near his human when it's time to rest or cuddle and loves to run and wrestle with other dogs. But he's a good watch dog too and barks when folks come to the door. I think he's great!

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