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Have a list of Plastic Surgeons - who would you go to?

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Since starting my practice here in Lakeside I have had a few patients from some of the previously mentioned Plastic Surgeons listed here come into my office. I was certified in Aesthetic Medicine by a prominent plastic surgeon in Miami. I've seen some patients who've needed work redone by some of those plastic surgeons mentioned.

In my professional point of view, I do believe I can appreciate and thus recommend the most talented plastic surgeon(s) who's work I've seen come into my office. Most have impressive and similar resumes and certifications.

Please allow me to put it to you this way, If you ask a professional highly trained musician he/she will be able to tell you the difference between a "piano player vs. a PIANIST". This type of surgery is an art form. And as with any art form it requires an innate talent.

Talent is a gift that not all are born with or not all have developed to a level of excellence.

INBOX me for more information.

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Even if a surgeon has an excellent reputation and has done good work for many of his patients, there is no guaranty that it will turn out good in your particular case.

We each react differently and doctors have their own areas of expertise. Apparently, the surgeon my friend took did excellent face lifts. So she had the best there was (also teaching for years) but he did not do such a good job on her face. He probably damaged her nerves because she was numb for 5 years and now, after 14 years, both sides still burn to the touch, and one side of her face is lifted more than the other.

I also saw a few people with a shiny mask look and pointed chin. IMO they look worse than before.

Get old naturally and smile. It's your best side.

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On 3/10/2013 at 8:32 PM, ajijicer said:

And Dr Bimbela is excellent. He is a Bd certifed plastic surgeon and does not run an assembly line operation. Takes your concerns into consideration. Dioes the surgery in at the Ajijic Clinic. If need be, you can stay overnight which happened in my case.A year later, I am happy with results.

I was very pleased with the work Dr. Bimbela  did for me I would highly recommend him.

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A couple of recommendations -

  • Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez -  I had a serious skin cancer surgery (8.5 hours) and he closed the extensive incisions on my face. Absolutely no visible scars. Perfect English.
  • Justo Siera 2447
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco  44600
  • (333) 615-9259
  • Dr. Manuel Jiménez del Toro - I had him remove another skin cancer on the top of my head. Very happy with the results. Perfect English. I met with him initially at Maskaras Clinic before the new hospital opened. He may still be coming to Lakeside for consultations.
  • dralejandro@plasmacirujanos.com
  • (333) 615-9259 or (333) 630-0266



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Hector Miramontes an excellent plastic surgeon passed away in January and as yet they have not replaced him.  They still advertise his services face;ofts etc/  but you will be directed to his co-coordinator who is pretty much useless.  I know so because I had an issue with a procedure and was told there was no one as of yet doing his surgeries.

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