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After several years Lakeside, this was a first for me.

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I usually make sure I scan an item at the courtesy scanners around Walmart, El torito and a few other places.

I assume(d) they are hooked into the main computer for all the scanners. Not so.

Went into El Torito in Ajijic for some pre-packaged tortillas (dry, crispy kind). No price on the shelf so I tool onr package to the scanner by the meat counter. Got the price and went to check out.

Guess what - - it scanned higher at the check out. I said something and the guy bagging (for sure not the usual "kid") bagging went over with me to the scanner. Sure enough, lower price at the scanner.

Not worth more words; I paid and left.

Just FYI.



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Since the scanners at WalMart are the real deal, one could assume they are attached to the network. The machines at Torito and SuperLake are just computers with a barcode reader attached, and I have no idea if they operate on a network that is connected to the cash registers. I think it's pretty cool that they even have them for us.

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