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Constant difficulty in screening out rental businesses and agents and people with multiple properties has finally convinced us that it is time to respect the fact that this board is owned by a real estate company that is also in the rental business. The honor system just hasn't worked and the mods are tired of the whining and complaining and having to frequently delete and lock or ask for confirmation that the old policy was being followed.

NEW RULE: NO rental ads for local properties, period. We'll continue to allow limited posted of short term vacation rentals out of the area, such as at the beach or mountains but no more rental ads for houses or apartments lakeside.

Please feel free to post requests for rentals if you are looking for a place to rent. Ask the person to PM you with their offering. Make sure you post where you want it, how big and other amenities, and what you'd like to pay for it.

Additionally, recommendations, advertisements and complaints about specific property managers are also not allowed. Ask people to PM you with their opinions.

Violations will be immediately deleted. Second violations, poster is permanently blocked.

Thanks for your coooperation.

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This is very disappointing since I watch this carefully for a possible rental for us. I check the Coldwell Bankers site as well. Does this new policy mean that those of us who are looking for a rental can not post our wants/needs to get a private response from those who might have something?

Thank you.

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Read what it says. You can't post local rentals for offer here, there is nothing about ASKING for those who have rentals to contact you.

Make sure when you post a RENTAL REQUEST you make it clear where you're looking, roughly what kind of place you want and how much you want to pay.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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