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Terrazza Quitipan - Another excellent choice!


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Some nice people from this very forum sent me an email inviting my husband and I to join them for lunch at Terrazzo Quitipan. We had been planning to visit this place, and the company and conversation only made the meal better.

Servers/Owners are incredibly friendly and anxious to please. Samples of the BBQ lamb, pork and chorizo were offered and gladly accepted. After those little tastes, we quickly ordered the mixed grill for two, which would include servings of all three meats. It also included refried beans (I'm not a big fan, but husband declared them quite good), some of the best corn tortilla's I've ever tasted (certainly the freshest - they make them right there) and a tangy nopalito (cactus) salad. It's easy to dry meat out when it's prepared this way, but all of this was wonderful - we particularly enjoyed the lamb.

We all agreed that the chorizo is NOT the standard Mexican chorizo. It's more like a Spanish chorizo - harder, more solid (like salame or linquisa). Husband usually won't eat chorizo, but loves sausage. This type of chorizo he enjoyed, as he enjoyed the chorizo we have tasted in Barcelona. And the wood fire BBQ taste only added to it's appeal.

At the suggestion of one of the other couples, we ordered a cazuela - which turned out to be a huge bowl of grapefruit/citrusy and tequila drink. VERY tasty - shared by two, or else get somebody else to drive you home. The owner generously did not charge us for this - a gift - which was much appreciated. I'd order it again in a second.

Glass of decent red wine was 30 pesos. Mixed grill with included sides and a generous portion of meat was 190 pesos. I understand that they only grill on weekends, or upon advance request for 6 or more. This will definitely make it to the list of places we will return to, and bring our out of town guests, who would be unlikely to find such a place anywhere else but Mexico. Delightful restaurant, great food, and wonderful company. (Thanks again.)

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Opposite the Casa de Waffle and just west of Doña Lola, where you may enter the side street and park on the lateral along the south side of the highway. A path takes you west to the restaurant door.

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I have not been there yet, but it sounds very interesting. To me, the description sounds like the parrillas we encountered in Chile and Argentina. Do they take the whole lamb and spread it out on a rack and roast it upright next to the wood fire? The chorizo sounds like what you would get in Argentina, also.

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Who would have thought that the Cazuela, la bebida de la casa at Terrazzo Quitipan originated in La Barca!!

From The Webtender Website:




2 oz Tequila

1 dash Salt

1 slice Lime

1 slice Orange

1 slice Grapefruit

1 slice Lemon

1 tsp Grenadine

Fill with Squirt

Mixing instructions:

In a cazuela that is made of clay, put ice, salt, lime, orange, lemon, and grapefruit in cazuela then add granadine, and the tequila, then fill with Squirt, use a straw to stir.

Creator/contributor's comments:

This is a Mexican drink straight from the heart of La Barca, Jalisco, Mexico. It is important to use a clay bowl that is approximatly 500 ml. You can find cazuelas in the Balneario San Juan Cosala in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.

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Other than great grilled meat, frijoles, a cactus salad, and Cazuela, "la bebida de la casa at Terrazzo Quitipan", what other offerings may I find at this restaurant?

I'm embarrassed to admit that after we were given a taste of all three of the BBQ'd meats, we never even looked at the regular menu! Sorry - Hopefully, one of the people who has visited more frequently can tell you.

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They also have shrimp, fish chicken & other dishes, as do many 'campestre' restaurants. I'm not sure if they have rabbit or quail, as some do. Give the place a try. It is good!

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