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Rules & REMINDER-Keep it CIVIL& Non Personal

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It seems some of us have forgotten that this board strives to be an informative, useful and interesting place for prospective newcomers, newcomers and old-timers to share information and get their questions answered. It is not here for the purpose of expressing one's personal rancor towards another poster. Here is the impression that some of you are giving to newcomers:

Peter- thank you for bringing up this subject. While the old timers here may be used to the name calling, insults, constant criticism and back stabbing that seems to be an all-too regular feature of the webboard, it must be a real put-off for the newcomers, like myself. For those of us who are just getting our collective feet wet at living in Mexico, and obviously have ALOT to learn (often the hard way!) it only serves to make us wonder "What the h-ll am I getting myself into? Do I want to live amongst a whole pack of nasty old codgers who have a huge hate-on with the world?" Well, maybe not everyone thinks that way, but I sure did when I got some nasty remarks aimed at me a few months back, when in a horrible situation and needing help and advice. That just seems to bring the real meanies out of the woodwork. Honestly, I was ready to turn and go back. Fortunately, I've found a large and ever-expanding community of truly wonderful people from all over, foreigners and Mexicans, most of whom seem oblivious of the existence of the webboard.
Being new to this board and planning on moving to Lakeside soon, I find it most childish and offensive to read some of the "bossy, pushy, rude responses given to others. I for one, appreciate all the comments posted in regards to the many questions I have posted. I don't however like to read the "back and forth" insults.

Why don't you meet face to face in the village for a coffee and insult each other privately!

Thanks again to all on this board that have provided such valuable information.

It is appreciated more than you know!

New posters, please introduce yourself and get to know the community.

Topics are to focus on Lakeside/Guadalajara area. There is a Mexico section for the rest of Mexico. Please use it.

All are welcome here to ask questions, get answers, agree or disagree in a civil manner on things about Mexico and Lakeside living. But this is not the place to make personal comments against those you don't agree with or because you don't happen to like their opinion or topic. It is easy enought to ignore a post or topic you don't agree with. That is the appropriate action and if you think the post or topic violates this code of conduct, please bring it to the attention of anyone on the moderating team. It will be dealt with.

This reminder is not only a heads up, it is notice that we are going to really nip the personal sniping in the bud and the repeat offenders will be banned.

Having multiple user names will result in immediate banning of poster.

Masking an IP address is a violation of the board rules.

No advertising is allowed, either in a post or in your signature file. Advertising in this matter will result in suspension of your account.

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Per request:

1. Do not question or attack moderation on a public thread. Complaints about moderation should go to the moderator in question or to Admin Chapala.

2. If you have a negative experience with a local business or professional, do not post the name of same directly but advise readers to PM you for that information.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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