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Columbia Crossing Successful


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For what it's worth, three of us (in two cars) crossed at the Columbia Crossing this afternoon at about 2:00 pm. There were quite a few Federal Police and military vehicles on the cuota from Monterrey to the crossing which was reassuring. The crossing itself (immigration, vehicle sticker, etc.) was VERY fast and painless. After having used the Nuevo Lardo crossing previously, I ALWAYS use the Columbia Crossing. And if you plan to go, get the detailed instructions from Oatsie ... they are AWESOME (Gracias Oatsie!!). Once you get onto Hwy 2 toward Piedres Negras, the signage is "$%&/() proof".

Also, as an fyi, we spent the night at Matehuala and stayed at Del Parque. VERY nice, clean, secure, and much more reasonable than Las Palmas. The food there wasn't 5 star, but the rooms were GREAT. And underground (gated) parking for security.

Hope this may of some value to somebody.

See you guys (and gals) next fall.

Hasta luego.

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You can get all the details (including a map) at http://www.delparquehotel.com/

As you enter Matehuala on libre 57 you will see an entrance to city center. Turn left at that entrance and you will be on Rayon ... one of the streets in front of Del Parque. But there are a lot of one way streets so to access the parking entrance you will have to circle the block.

Hope that helps.

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