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Tonight, Tuesday, 29 August, I was walking home from the Mariachi Concert in Chapala when I was alerted to the sound of a poor dog caged in a small kennel in the back seat of a silver Honda parked on Cinco de Mayo. A group including the original Mexican and a couple of foreigners had gathered to try and figure out how to solve the poor creature´s plight. What kind of people would be so cruel as to do such a thing to a little animal? I noted that the car had an I LOVE RIBA (Riberas??) decal and had an SSS Auto identification on it and I took a photo of the small dog kennel in the car´s back seat as well as the license plate of the vehicle. The one American suggested that I take a video to record the poor dog´s constant plaintiff barking but that is beyond my technical ability.

I just cannot figure out what people like these must be thinking and I am certain that they can come up with lots of excuses for treating an animal that way but shame on them for causing that kind of distress. If they don´t believe it was stressful they should ask the crowd that gathered at the site what THEY thought of that type of behavior. 

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There are animal cruelty laws that are recently being more strictly enforced in Jalisco. Does this qualify? Not sure in their scope. But if you take the info to Chapala city hall they should be able to direct you to the right authorities.  Please take the time to try. 

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if it was at night the dog was not in danger of overheating, he mayhave had separation anxiety and it probavly was not in any danger just stressed. I have a dog who will walk in the next room while we are at home with him and will start crying and howling totally stressed out because he is alone..  My dogs are all crate trained and feel safer in a crate but one of them will make a huge racket if I am not around al the time and near him.. He is a rescue so who knows what happend to him before.

Call the police because a dog in no danger is barking in Mexico?? Pretty funny

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