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In order to get a tourist visa, does Mexico now require an outbound flight?

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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine wants to come visit me in Mexico and buy a one-way flight entering the country. 

I recently heard that Mexico is getting stricter and may require you to show a flight exiting Mexico, in order to get a 180 day tourist visa. Does anyone know if that’s true? 

Any recommendations for airlines where you can book a flight and easily cancel and get it fully refunded within 24 hours? 

Thanks so much!

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Where did you hear that they are getting stricter?

When you pass immigration in GDL they might ask your friend the reason to be here, and how long you plan to stay.  If on the very rare chance they should ask if your friend has a return ticket all she needs to say is she does not have an exact date  to leave at this time.   

Possibly Mexico might be getting stricter on inbounds from Africa, Haiti, and South America.  

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