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Wire Hangers Wanted!!!

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Tepehua Community Center

In the past we have hated wire hangers for use in the thrift store as they tangle and can deform the garment...yet on top of that you cannot throw them away either!! Now that we are starting a laundry cooperative for the ladies of Tepehua, we find we need those dreaded things and are surprised at the high cost to buy them new. So we happily invite you to get rid of those hangers in your closet and help the ladies get on their feet by just eliminating one starting expense - wire hangers. You can drop them off at the Tepehua Treasures Thrift Store at the hours listed below.

Thank you for any support you give us, especially if you become a customer. There will be no dry cleaning, but your clothes will come back to you beautifully washed, pressed and packaged or hung, Any questions or concerns, please contact moonie1935@yahoo.com

As always, donations in person are accepted at the Tepehua Treasures Thrift Shop in Riberas (Monday through Saturday from 12 - 3 pm) and through PayPal on the right side of each page on our website http://tepehua.org

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