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Elegante Restaurant


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We have often lunched at their location in the strip mall next to the new Pancho's.  The food is excellent: fresh and good!  Since it's the same ownership, I'm assuming the standards are high at the Elegante location.

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I find that to be true and have never had a bad meal there.  

Their steaks, lamb, fish, pasta and poultry have all been great meals.  My favorite brunch dish on Sunday's is their Eggs Benedict and free Mimosa is always a nice plus.

Hope their pizza might be good since we want something good available close to Ajijic. 

I want this place to survive because their quality and prices are so darned good in a good location !!

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So is their place near the new Pancho's also called Elegante?  That's the Pancho's in Riberas?

I need to double-check everything these days. That's how my mind works theses days. . . it needs constant reassurance I'm headed in the right direction.


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Mexbound is correct -- the W. Ajijic is named Ancla just next past the entrance to La Reserva lakeside.

It is too bad he can't rename the Elegante location Ancla Dos, as someone else previously suggested to me.  The Elegante's previous managements' reputation is bringing him down -- they had high prices and lousy food.   

I wish more people would give this a try.  We have had dinner there maybe 7 times and brunch there twice and each time was great.  Just not enough customers coming through the door, even when the snowbirds were here. 

The owner's name is Jose and his main waiter is Alfredo, who is top notch and always accomodating.  Will give you salad or something else for a side when you can't have starch, etc.

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