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“Leo the Love Sponge,” as one of our volunteers fondly refers to him, is a social, sweet, smart, athletic boy. Leo loves to go for walks, and he makes it a pleasure to walk him: he bounces around with sheer joy, but never pulls. What a happy dog! Leo is a nice medium size, so his athleticism is not overwhelming. Learning new tricks, like leaping on command, is one of his favorite things. Oh, and did I mention how handsome he is? Leo has a great smile and a healthy, glossy black coat.

When Leo came to us, he was shy. So shy that he did not want to let us put a collar and leash on him, even though it meant he would get to go for a super fun walk. Leo would avoid having people touch and pet him, which made it difficult for our volunteers to walk him and thus a challenge to socialize him. As with all of our dogs, we wanted to make Leo as comfortable as possible at The Ranch. We worked hard to get him to accept a collar; once that happened, the rest is history! With a little perseverance, a few treats, and lots of love, Leo transformed into the delightful and very special dog that he is today.

Leo thrives on affection and radiates love. Help him find the loving home he deserves, and he will gladly reward you with many kisses.

Meet Our Ranch Dogs

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