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Is the store that repairs screens in doors and windows still on Carretera in W. Ajijic?

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That is Vi Lu Ma. They also have a location on the north side of the highway in Riberas just about opposite the Church. It has better parking than anything on the highway in Ajijic. Better to call them and have someone come to your house and take the screens away to be repaired.

I haven't used the place that is just a bit further west of Casa de Plomero and am most interested in hearing from anyone who has. I am no longer a fan of Vi Lu Ma but they were wonderful when Jaime was younger. I believe he's now retired.


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José Luis ( El Vaquero) in San Antonio has put screens of different kinds in metal doors for us in various houses.  "Regular"  somewhat flexible  ( and least durable) mosquito screen.  Harder wire mosquito screen.  Something he refers to as "malla"...... our preference. Solid metal, sort of a vertical "diamond pattern" in various densities.  The smallest one works perfectly for us in doors.  Have not used it in windows but he could tell you.

Excellent workman. His metal working shop is just above the corner of Ramón Corona and Jesus Garcia.... below the carretera.  333 465 5175

Reasonable English if needed.

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There is also a good one directly next door (west) to ViLuMa and just as good, might be a little less expensive --- Vidros Kivi, 376-766-3657.

They put in a picture window for me 2 yrs ago and did a nice job and promptly. 

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