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I really need a good, knowledgeable gardener for 2 to 4-hours once a week. I have had good companies but after the first month or so they send young guys who do not have the proper skills or who would rather take smoke breaks or play on the phone. When I complain the owner shows up and does a magnificent job only to be followed up by the young guys again. This service has been experienced five or six times in the past 11-years and I pay more than the going rate. The garden is small and my partner works on it as well. The two best gardeners I had quit to start a different business or go into drug rehab and never returned to the gift they had for making gardens beautiful.  How I miss their gardening skills.   

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I also recommend Ernesto. He worked for a large landscaping company and was educated in the States.  He made very good suggestions and was quite knowledgeable. 

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