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Agua deliciosa! 🚰 

We live east of Vista Del Lago and our well pump just had some work done on it. While I was assured all is well (pun intended!) I'd like to have it tested for basics like bacteria, algae, etc.  The last thread I could find here was from 2016 & 2017 and was vague. Anyone heard of any local Lakeside service or lab?


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Most of the labs lakeside will do basic biological testing if you take them a sample.  They test for coliforms (total & fecal).  If you want more info such as metals, etc., you have to use labs in Guadalajara.  All of the Municipalities that have registered wells with Conagua are supposed to have a complete test done by the state water authority (Agua Jalisco) at least once per year and should be able to give you a copy of the results for the well from which you get your water.

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