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Need Driver To GDL

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I need a driver for round trips to Guadalajara in months to come to take me to  Santa Lucia eye clinic. I live in Mirasol (Riberas).

I'd appreciate recommendations for a reliable person, with comfortable and air conditioned sedan, who knows GDL well. (I can't climb in and out of anything bigger than a sedan.)

Thanks if you can help.




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On 5/9/2023 at 5:02 PM, ibarra said:

She has been recommended many times on this site.

Cristina Cruz     Cristina-cruz25@hotmail.com

My wife has her booked for a 2 AM Sunday run to the airport.  Now she is saying her daughter will be making the run.

Anyone have experience with the daughter?

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Absolutely. Both Cristina and her daughters are all cut from the same cloth. On time and courteous. I've been picked up at 3 am and her daughter was 5 minutes early.

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I have her booked for 7:30 AM Tuesday morning to take me to GDL for eye surgery, wait for me and then bring me back home. 

Does her daughter speak English?  Spanish is ok for me but much easier when using English.

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