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Medical student fees UAG

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Do your research.  I have a friend who was told they would sponsor their child during 4 years of college (books lodging and whatever else needed) When college started thing were different, only 10,000 pesos per year.  Now how far does that go.  Really disappointed in the person that made the offer to sponsor. 
many students get an apartment that is share by 4, that cuts down the accommodations, book fees depend on course.


good luck and follow thru if promised

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It is not cheap.  We sponsor four brilliant and talented young ladies from Oaxaca at Iteso University.  One has graduated and is doing fantastically well already, one will finish in December.  Fortunately, all had some scholarship coverage, the youngest has a near full ride.

When we had all four, we budgeted about $600K pesos per year for subsistence, housing, expenses and tuition.  I found it far more cost effective to buy an apartment for them in GDL than to pay what has turned out to be rapidly rising rents.  Smartest thing I ever did, not only save money and hassle but the apartment has turned out to be a stellar investment.  Room rents have increased fifty percent since I got the apartment, yet it only costs me about 30K pesos per year to own and maintain.


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