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Found 1 result

  1. Yesterday... for the umpteenth time..... ice cream in the long freezers more like a milkshake than well frozen. Have already had this discussion with WM several times including the "jefe" of that section who brought out a "sensing" device and agreed....yup, we'll have to fix that. Not. Then once again, new self-serve checkouts not accepting cash tho' overhead sign says differently. Excuse? We don't have any change. But this time a worse situation. Not only did the machines not have change, the cashiers ( all THREE of them and a store full of people with heavily laden carts) didn't either. In the old folks line, there was a foreign couple patiently waiting who'd already paid...... but there was no change and they told people 3 ahead of me they'd been waiting one-half hour for same. 🥺 Next lady went thru---- her bill was $2005. She managed $2004 after coin search.... but cashier didn't have the sense to say GO!! One more peso found. Next lady came very close, just over her total. I managed to do the same. (both between $240 and $280) Apparently that finally gave enough to satisfy the patient people's need. Told a "management-type" at the service (huh??) desk this is highly intolerable, and is not new to this store. He agreed ( easy for him to say......jajajaj) and said it was because of the scheduled deliveries of armoured cars from Guad. I suggested they'd better make a change to those schedules!! But if I'm the only voice in the wilderness, it's like one star in all the galaxies. So if YOU don't like the "service" and general attitudes there lately, please join this one-woman choir!!!
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