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Found 3 results

  1. We visited Q Restaurant on the Ajijic Malacon today. My first word needs to be WOW. We felt so welcome. Even cushions were brought to us to add to the comfort. If you did not know this was Lake Chapala, you might think you were on a beautiful lake anywhere in the world. The menu is varied but since we have lived in Buenos Aires were wanted to try the empanadas and grilled provolone cheese. Again WOW. The prices are right for the exellent service, view and great food. This is one place that no one should miss. It will lbe a treasure for AJIJIC. Ask for Mello for a waiter.
  2. We thought that we'd give this restaurant a try even though ethnic cuisine is often not very good outside it's country of origin. What a wonderful surprise! Excellent, authentic food which was freshly prepared and pleasantly presented. This is not a pretentious place. The atmosphere is friendly and cozy. Service is prompt and friendly. The food is the focus. As it should be! The menu has plenty of choices to make your selection from. Wine is a limited choice, but mixed drinks are good. Try the mojito - I did and it was amazing!
  3. This topic is dedicated your TOP 5 Restaurants here at Lakeside. This Topic is NOT: About criticizing other people's choices or restaurants people have listed - instead, pick your own 5 favorites and make your case for them. We have a fantastic selection of restaurants to choose from here and so many new ones opening every day - I hope people can help out the newbies at Lakeside with their experience. Thanks! My Top 5 Restaurants: 1. Indian Curry in Centro Laguna - great fast food, low prices, excellent service - I never tire of eating here! 2. Cocinart in Ajijic - very good food, good service, fantastic desserts - nice sit down environment 3. Masayume in Ajijic - great japanese food! Newish... 4. Alex Pasta Bar - try the Osso Bucco 5. Tony's Fried Chicken in San Antonio - love the strips and the tater salad It's kind of hard to rank these, but that's the best I can do - there are many others that are OK and some I like, but this is the TOP 5.
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