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Found 1 result

  1. New thread to report and recommend. Aljibe portion: Before you ask..... 4 ft W x 11 ft L x 9 ft deep. Via local Mexican connections found Daniel Enciso cell 331 344 3806 , jefe at main San Antonio pozo (well). Came Wednesday 9 a.m. to insert submersible pump. Back at 2:30 with BIG pressure sprayer machine and a helper. Down there until 5 pm, pumping out rest of water & guck from bottom and cleaning/inspecting walls. Also found 5- gal pailful of tree roots invading (from outside our wall). Luckily entered above aljibe "wall" so no cracks (he inspected carefully). Cut off roots at source. Discovered the valve connection between float and water ingress was broken. I got plumber/elec guy on the line ( knew each other) and they discussed parts needed. Cleaned up after themselves perfectly! I spoke Spanish with him. Did not ask about English, but he is happy to come and quote/do work. Balance of job: Thurs Antonio Navarro 331 115 6014 ( excellent guy known over 12 years) came with parts for (known) tinaco repair plus aljibe ones requested. Brought 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch valves since he hadn't seen. Naturally was 3/4 inch---- 5 x the cost!! (brought hardware bill) but unavoidable. ALL work done---- aljibe, pump, tinaco thing, and a few other picky things on roof. Here at 9. Gone by 11:15. Perfect job at about 35% of prior quote (plus new stuff for aljibe portion). Speaks English but has old style cell so no whatsapp, etc. Said he's happy to do work but warns he's very busy so sometimes people have to wait a day or three. Makes sense because he's a really knowledgeable guy. NOT prepared to get into various opinions of what/ how to do things. Want more info? PM me please....and have a GREAT day!
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