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Found 1 result

  1. HSBC bank experience today OVER THE TOP after arriving 9:40 a.m. 1. ASK at cashier: want to close account plus get xxxxx pesos cash 2. ANSWER: please sign in and do all at once in front of "executive" YAY only one person ahead of me! 3. wait 10 extra minus after that person is taken, served, and leaves 4. want to do interbank wire from this bank to xxxx bank in Ajijic, and get $$ cash as well 5. yes you can get $$ cash BUT if want wire, have to order today and come back tomorrow to sign W T F ????? OR.... we can give you cashier's cheque today. Yes, do that no way coming back tomorrow, especially it being Friday (traffic) 6. takes forever... as usual fingerprint reader hates me finally get over that 7. wait some more sign many things (GOOD thing I am titular or could not have done without co-titular's presence) finally she tells me "take these 2 pages, stapled together, to cashier. There you can get cash and cashier will issue cashier's cheque for balance of account". 8. wait in line only one cashier and several clients.......what's new??? get my turn get the cash not too much problem BUT then he says "that man back there has to be involved please take a seat I'll call you when ready should be about 5 minutes" 9. Of course takes longer, but in the end I get it. 10. And NOW... the icing on the cake: First person said I have to come back before the end of June to actually close out the account. ????? Stuck my head in the door later and asked "account is empty. what happens if I don't COME back?" "Oh, it will start accruing monthly charges because you are below the minimum balance" Could not even bother asking how they were going to recover same......like blood from a stone? And in case you care, nobody involved in any of this spoke a word of English (not a problem in my case) so guessing would have been longer otherwise??? Departure time? 12 NOON......
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