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Found 2 results

  1. Have I missed something or has the GR missed it? There was an article in the Mural which describes the intentions of our new administration to spend some 4 million pesos on extending and beatifying the Jesus island in the lake by Chapala. When they reportedly are so short of funds and our basic infrastructure is in pretty bad shape (pot holes in the carretera, as an example) how can Moises Anaya squander money on this?
  2. Hi everyone, I've visited the Chapala area several times and enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a higher end hotel. I rented a room at La Reserva which was ok and the room was nice but no AC at all and the mattresses were not that great. I bought a high rise apartment in Zapopan (GDL) that is 3 bedrooms and 2,400 sq. feet and spent a small fortune furnishing it but it's been very successful renting it out on short-term rentals. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this project - http://www.altolagomx.com A penthouse unit with 4 bedrooms (all in-suite bathrooms) and 338 sq. meters with a plunge pool and amazing view of the Lake. The building looks like it's going to be higher end and the building will have concierge, restaurant and bar. It's 9,150,000 pesos (about $481,500 US dollars at current exchange rate) for the bigger penthouse unit which is a special pre-construction price. They said it's going to start being built January 2019 and take around 18 months. The developer seems like a well respected one with offices in Miami and Guadalajara and has designed several hotels and won a few awards and Sotheby's (which typically specializes in luxurious properties) is the exclusive broker. I'm positive I can rent it out on the weekends as there is a lot of wealthy people from Guadalajara that visit and there is no 5 star properties. I'd go very high end furnishing it. But I'm not sure how rentals are mid-week. I'd be curious to hear the opinion of all of you that live there and know that area. Thanks in advance.
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