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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I am new to this webboard but not new to the Lake Chapala area. We've been visiting as often as we could since we discovered it two years ago! It has come time for us to make Lake Chapala our home as so many people from around the world have before us. We're relocating from California. We've just purchased a lovely place in San Antonio Tlayacapan. We've got a lot of what we need sorted out, but we're still wondering if it's worth it to move all our stuff, sell it and start over, move some of our stuff and who to use for such services. We've found a few companies that say they can do the move: Transparent International East Coast Shipping Inter Movers SDC International INC Legend International Transport But we've got no experience with any of them. Recommendations for these or other companies would be greatly appreciated!
  2. We're moving locally next week. Seeking recommendations for truck w/ 2 persons.to handle very little furniture, but lots of boxes. Depending on size of the truck, it might be doable in half a day. Please share info about good experience you have had with such local folks who can do this move for us. Thank you. Alex
  3. I am moving from Morelia to Cuernavaca, about a year ago I sued an insurance company, in Morelia, the matter has not settled yet. The lawyer here in Morelia tells me that I can not transfer the litigation to Cuernavaca, but I have to continue it in Morelia is he correct? Thank you
  4. Does anybody need to move back to Texas at the last minute or move down to the chapala area in the next week? Please contact me at 376 7635527 or email andreaaraceli2@gmail.com
  5. Our retirement to Ajijic is rapidly approaching. I am at the point of deciding on a couple of things. Our books, clothing, "stuff" has been sorted. The Mexico pile is much smaller than the sell/Goodwill/freecycle pile. Now I need some advice from folks who have moved with minimal stuff into furnished rentals. Beds - Both of us have back problems that require a really good mattress. Currently using a temperpedic and getting first pain-free sleep in years. I have a couple of options - the Nectar mattress comes in a big bag and unrolls. That will pack easily and someone we know owns one. Because Mexican mattresses are not the same size as US, mattress will probably not fit whatever foundation. Is it reasonable to ask the landlord to store one of the beds so we can use ours? Other option is to buy a mattress here. Recommendations for a place? Sheets - Do rentals come with bed linens or do we need to buy our own. Same for towels.
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