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Found 2 results

  1. This is just to warn that the Federales at it again tryin to extort you money, on my way from Morelia to Cuernavaca, I was stopped by the federales, allegedly driving at 120 in a 90 zone,first I must say, my radar detector never biped an alarm , first they asked me for driver licence, registration, all it is in order and everything payed including this year, they told me that the multa would be 6000 pesos and they would take my licence plates, return it when the multa payed, I told them they must have made a mistake , I was going with the flow of traffic driving on the right lane and many cars have been passing me, than I was told that if I payed them would be 3000 pesos and let me go, I refused, than I asked for proof of speeding, I was told they had a photo of me, driving showing the speed, I asked to bring me a copy of it!, at this point the cost of settling went down to 1500 pesos again I refused and challenged them to give me a ticket, they said OK and asked me o come to their cruiser to sign the ticket, again I refused, told him the that I would not sign any papers, and I asked again for proof of speeding, a second officer came to my car from the cruiser ( I never got out of my car and kept the door locked), same story again, speeding, take my licence plates etc...I adamantly refused whatever they were asking me to do, than the second officer went back to his cruiser, and started to drive backward until he disappeared from my rear view, at this point , I just drove away!, Moral of the story DO NOT give in to some crooked policeman. P.S.I am sure I was a target driving an expensive very fast import
  2. So we're doing a brief housesitting and it's *way* out of town. Ran to Soriana today in the homeowner's vehicle and ended up paying our first traffic mordida. We've been mostly in Mexico for the last three years, so I guess it was just our time. If I ever own a car here, it'll be a beat-up VW bug w/ tinted windows and a MX plate. lol
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