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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking to see if anyone else using ILOX and has ported their phone number has had this experience. This doesn't happen all the time but is consistent enough to be an annoyance. ILOX says the lag time between dialing a number to a Telmex subscriber and hearing a ring can be 2-10 seconds. It can be faster when dialing 10 digits as the system must wait after 7 to see if more is coming. When the call fails there is a long delay with no ring and then a click. I find out that the phone rang on the other end, they speak but get no response and hang up. I don't hear their voice and they can't hear mine. The click is probably the hangup. Often redialing the same number connects just fine. Other times not. ILOX says everything looks good on their end so I'm suspecting hardware and am now waiting for a technician. Of course when he comes there will be no failures. No problems dialing a cell phone or another ILOX subscriber, only Telmex. Thanks for sharing any similar experiences.
  2. From what little I understand, adding lots of new subscribers does not degrade DSL (as each subscriber has separate, physical wires to the telco), but will degrade cable internet (which has a shared circuit). What about fiber optic?
  3. Has anyone who has ported their Telmex number to ILOX experienced this problem? At times when dialing a local number there is no ring tone indicating connection. However the recipient of the call does hear the ring, answers the phone and speaks but neither of us can hear each other. When a connection is made, it often takes 10 or more seconds of silence before hearing a ring. After that all is OK. ILOX responded that the PDD (Post Dial Delay) is typically between 2 and 12 seconds. This is the amount of time ILOX takes to receive the call and pass it on to Telmex. They referred to it as interconnections. ILOX says everything checks out but the problem persists although sporadically. My neighbor one block away has the same problem and will report it today. Perhaps it is localized to the neighborhood which is why I'm asking if others have experienced the same problem. When I dial a cell phone I connect in just a few seconds which seems to indicate the problem lies somewhere between ILOX and Telmex.
  4. I think most people know that ILOX assigns a telephone number to your service at the time of install. The number is 376-109-xxxx. You can plug your telephone into the router and use that number. You can also port your existing Telmex number to ILOX. I asked for the port last week as part of the install but the installers missed a step. In order to port your phone number you have to give ILOX a pin number (nip) from Telmex. You get that number by dialing 051, listening to the message and hanging up. The phone rings immediately giving you the 4 digit pin. Once they had the pin the transfer happened quickly. I have emailed a couple of times asking for what sort of services ILOX might offer with the change. Call forwarding? Call Waiting? Voicemail? So far no response other than we'll look into it. I believe calls to Mexico, US and Canada are unlimited but I think there is a limit to the number of calls to a Mexican cell. Again, not sure. Inbound cell calls show up with the country code on caller ID somewhat messing up portable phone contacts but no big deal. The other assumption is that I can go to Telmex and totally cancel service but still protecting my original home number ported to ILOX. It works that way in the US but we're not in the US so assumptions could be painful. No problems with the phone service except for the 2 hour outage this week that has been noted. Not a big deal with a cell phone. Magic Jack is finally stable after struggling with abysmal upload speeds from Telmex. No one could hear us and calls dropped. TV shows download in under a minute as opposed to 8-10 and while downloading no other user is affected. HD content? FAST. Anyone who has additional information about ILOX telephone please comment.
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