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Found 18 results

  1. Available both Saturday and Sunday. Thank you for your support and stay safe.
  2. 766-1360 Whatsap 3331317349. (We have a mobile device for Credit Cards incl Amex). Thank you for looking at what we offer
  3. Oui Oui. Leveling the playing field. Jazz great Ginetta is back . if you know her, you already know that Great Jazz calls for a good Martini or a great Wine . . . and you definitely want to listen to her in a comfortable setting. The King: Willie Savalas on Keys Reservations strongly recommended.
  4. Want to treat you Valentine to Fine Food, some Nice Wines and pleasant Live Music for a great Dining experience? We'll give your Valentine a French Truffle (we will give you one as well if you ask for it)... Since we only buy the freshest ingredients we can only finalize the menu a couple of days ahead of time. But expect to enjoy USDA Beef, Wild Pink Salmon, New Zealand Lamb, an organic vegetarian/vegan option Along with our house made Butter, French Pâté, Ice Cream and Crème Brûlée Thank you.
  5. This is the 4th time we broadcast live the event. We provide the red carpet, the paparazzi, the step and repeat wall, the Special Menus. You bring your Beauty and Glamour, dressed like A-listers for the glitziest night in Hollywood. Reservations strongly recommended.
  6. Oui Oui’s entire team (including our new Chef Raoul and his new kitchen staff) are happy to reopen our restaurant right in time for the Holidays. (Thanks to all of our guests and friends who participated in the soft opening). Opening Weekend (Dec 6 Dec 😎 The music is better than ever with our own Black Swan with Diamonds (this will be their first show of the Holidays). So come on out and check out all the changes. We think you will love them. See you all very soon Downtown in the Heart of Ajijic: plenty of safe parking (and close) on the beautiful Ajijic Malecon. Oui-Oui Great Food, Fine Wines, Full Bar & Good Live Music Full Catering & Event Services (376) 766-1360, Independencia # 2, Ajijic Centro Gaby@LeClub4.com LeClub4, www.LeClub4.com
  7. This month of July, after Canada and the US, it is now time to do it the French way. Come celebrate "La Republique" all weekend long. Saturday is party time (starting at 6pm), Sunday (starting at 3pm) is family friendly both featuring special menus featuring food cooked with lot's of wine You do not have to be French, or even speak French to enjoy the food and the celebration, but if you dress like one, we will get a complimentary "Kir Royal". With all the specials on French wines, we will have you say "Oui Oui" with a Parisian accent in no time. (Reservations recommended). Live music with 50 years of chanson francaise including Piaf, Brel, Aznavour, Gall, etc.... Voulez-vous? The only answer is Oui Oui.
  8. “Oui-Oui”: Mark your calendars (or make your reservations): Bastille Day (known as 14 Juillet in France) is fast approaching. “Oui-Oui” will have a big celebration week-end: Saturday night (13) and a Sunday afternoon party (14), both days featuring French Wines, Cheeses, Cuisine and of course Live Music by Black Swan With Diamonds performing their 50 Years of Chansons Françaises show (Piaf, Aznavour, Gall, etc … (along with their usual blend). If le Pâté, le Fromage or La Crème Brûlée are your thing. You can't miss it. No need to be French to enjoy the real thing, but if you dress like one, we'll offer you with a Kir Royal.
  9. Oui-Oui is also celebrating Bourbon Day all week-end long with Special Recipees.
  10. Our good friend Roberto Cerda is back from the West Coast, one night only on "Oui-Oui's stage. Reservations are recommended
  11. Why are Cheese fondues so popular at Oui Oui? It is simple: just like with all of our dishes: we use real, natural and/or imported ingredients (or we'll make it ourselves). Better! we make the cheese fondue right in front of you. If you know the real thing, you will not be disappointed. If you have not tried Oui Oui yet, that would be a great way to get you acquainted with the place.
  12. Valentines Day Can’t take her to Paris for Valentines Day? Take her to Oui-Oui instead (that's the next best thing). Chef Daniel is concocting several great menus for Valentine’s Day, and we think it's so good, we will keep the celebration (and the menus) going for the entire weekend. But, don't just take our word for it and come and taste for yourself. On the entertainment side, our own Black Swan with Diamonds will be on hand to play some very romantic music on Valentine Day and the entire weekend. The Food, the Cocktails & Wines and the Music, that will surely put you in the mood . . . . just like in Paris, with Love. Merci et à très bientôt.
  13. "Oui-Oui" Next Sunday (Feb 3), Oui-Oui is taking you live to Atlanta, GA with our tailgate party before, during and after the live broadcast of the 53rd Superbowl (CBS Feed). Tailgate party starts at 2pm with a large HDTV's during daytime and our XL HD Screen at night. Gently Priced Special Tailgate Menu by Chef Daniel PS: This week end (25, 26, 27) is the last one for the Grilled & Smoked Meats Event
  14. In European French speaking countries (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland), La Chandeleur (Candeleria in Spanish, Candlemas in English) is celebrated by making Crêpes and lot’s of them. If you like the thin, lace like texture and flavor of this French favorite but never tried a full Crêpe meal this is your opportunity: La Vie en Rose (Ajijic Centro location) will lit up candles and serve a special complete 3 course (savory & sweet) Crêpe meal for the occasion, all day this Saturday February 2 (starting at 249p and yes we have both Gluten Free & Low Carb version). La Vie en Rose (Ajijic Centro location) serves Crêpes every day for breakfast, lunch and throughout the afternoon. But on La Chandeleur, we make it extra special.
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