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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, We have a number of items for sale from a home we were constructing that is on hold for a while. These items are all new in their box and unused with the exception of the memory foam mattresses which we removed to ensure they would not be damaged from staying compressed in their boxes too long. These items are available for pickup in West Ajijic and we will not deliver. Payment is accepted in MXN, USD and CAD. We are not in a super rush to sell and prices are firm. Please private message me for more contact info. The website below has links to the manufacturer's websites that should supply all of the information you need about these items themselves. https://casakpasa.neocities.org/Items For Sale.htm Thanks for looking, Dubhead
  2. Help!. I decided to sell my house after 7 years (with permanente ) and was lucky to bypass the agent because a neighbor wanted my house. I did not want a profit just the initial investment even though I put many improvements in the house. The present contract is written with the original price. Went to the notary and suddenly was hit by a huge Capital Gains estimate because the original deed was drawn up in pesos at 13 per dollar and this was with the guidance of a prominent Reat Estate company representing me. Although I had the original buyers statement showing I paid what I was selling the house and the value of the peso at the time, the notary dismissed it and said all I could do was to have a two men come out, one to assess the house and another to make an assessment of improvements to the house by which they take half of what I save in Capital Gains. Although I have quite a few receipts they would not even come to a quarter of what I would pay in Capital Gains which is much more than what I would pay a Realtor even if I had to pay for one. I am thinking of court since the expense has to be much less than the Capital Gains I would be paying. Update: I am permanente and my house has been my only residence for over 5 years.
  3. America´s Got Talent finalist Opera singer Branden James partner up with Aussie Chelist James Clark to create a powerful duo Branden & James. This duo will melt your hearts with beautiful song and music. By majority request they are back for 3 nights only and 1 matinee. Get your tickets on advance to avoid disappointment. Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm . Pop Goes The World with Eric Michael Krop. This singer extraordinaire moves through a selection of Pop song as only he can deliver. The range of his voice is amazing, and the charm is sincere. Two nights only don´t miss this great opportunity Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm . Celebrating her 3rd Album release There's Magic Here, Stacey Joy celebrated with her first San Miguel de Allende Concert in December. She is taking us Memory Lane with a Tribute to Joni Mitchell for One Night Only on January 18th. Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm The Spotlight Club is located in Indepencia 159, San Antonio Tlayacapan. next to Absolute Fenix Real Estate Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/3TYDaeR4fNA2
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