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Found 3 results

  1. "Lucky" and "Brownie" are looking for a new forever home, hopefully together. Both of their people died suddenly, within days of each other. They are currently in foster care. "Brownie" is a 7-year-old male and appears to be part Malinois Shepherd. He is a tall boy, weighs 35.3 kg, and needs Acupoint shots every 3-4 months to control dermatitis. "Lucky" is an 11-year-old female with soft, black, curly hair. She's a little overweight and appears to be part Lab/Golden Retriever. Inquiries at Ladron Animal Clinic indicate that both dogs received regular exams and vaccinations. "Brownie" and "Lucky" are well-behaved, good with other dogs and people. They listen well and have great recall. Neither is upset by fireworks or inclined to bark unnecessarily. They love going for walks and riding in the car. Please consider adopting this pair to give them another chance at love and happiness. They will return that love to you! Contact Carol at 331-512-6432 or respond to this ad to set up a meeting with Lucky and Brownie. (Para Espanol: Anita: 3321-66-5863)
  2. Hello mi name is Jose, I Love Dogs and have broad Experience (used to walk dogs in NYC), Affordable Rate, Dependable, One-on-one dogs walks (Unless they are siblings, in which case I would gladly walk them together). My Working area is from Riveras del Pilar to Ajijic, please call me, send me an email, SMS or WhatsApp I will be glad to be to some assistance . Cel: 045 33 2215 2377
  3. The Ranch no-kill dog shelter needs your support. We are putting on a great sunset boat cruise on Lake Chapala. We hope to also see the full moon rise. Polanco + Steadman will be entertaining us again and Pale' Restaurant will be serving savory roast pork sandwiches. There will also be a few sides and a brownie included. You can get tickets at Diane Pearl or The Scandinavian Bakery in the Laguna Mall.
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