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Found 5 results

  1. This cat has been around my house in Chapala Haciendas for over a week now. It comes various times of the day, and is always hungry. It is very friendly, and is obviously looking for human companionship or help. My house has high walls, and I can't get to where the cat comes, but I throw kibble down to it, and had my gardener put a bowl of water that I can refill with my hose. I have put notices out in Haciendas, but so far no one has seen the cat or responded to my notes. I am physically and financially challenged, with 3 cats. The Riberas shelter is full and can't take any more. I need to help this cat find a home. I would also like to get it to a vet to see if it is healthy, but I am unable to do this myself. I am looking for help of any kind. Assistance or ideas are very welcome. Two pictures are attached.
  2. Stray male cat started coming into our yard beginning March. After 4 weeks was able to trap him and had him neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, etc. About 2 weeks ago he was attacked by an animal and had his whole upper body and face covered with deep cuts and scratches. Dr. Ladron had him for 2 days and he got an ok on his health. My problem is that my 2 cats (male, female) really hate him and chase him any chance they get. My husband barely tolerates our cats (inhaler and prescription meds) and number 3 is really getting to him. This cat loves dogs, as we have two, craves cuddles and just started to purr. We really wish he would find a loving home because he already went through so much and deserves a better live. Please call 332-672-2236 if you can provide that place. Thank you!
  3. We appreciate the helpful and heartfelt responses to our post about finding an adult cat, and we are grateful to Anita at Anita's Cat Sanctuary, and Sue at Friends of Animals/Riberas Pet Store for offering numerous beautiful cats shelter, food, care and safety. Just before Thanksgiving, we found Mango patiently waiting to be noticed in the cat shelter at Friends of Animals/Riberas Pet Store. She now roams our home, noticing every nook and cranny, alerting to all the new sounds, finding new hiding places, and quietly watching her strange new humans as we go about our daily activities. She is a calico-colored American Shorthair (guessing her breed). Cat lovers, please remember to support and promote the two fabulous organizations we visited who offer safe haven to soooooo many beautiful cats. Mango will be well-loved. .
  4. Cat lost one block from Revolucion and 16th of September, during night of 6 December 2019 little grey/brown tabby, white stomach, might answer to his name Yoda. See picture below One thousand peso reward for finder if you see him or can catch him please call 376 108 0819 or email me at g3lindahl@gmail.com Thanks
  5. Hello - my partner and I are leaving Ajijic on Thursday and struggling to find help with a very hungry stray cat we discovered living in a construction site on Zaragoza. Lakeside Friends in Riberas says they are only taking kittens. This kitty is young, but not a kitten. Any advice, or anyone up for fostering this sweet soul?
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