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Found 2 results

  1. I took two pair of NEW Flexi shoes there Sept 12, waiting for fall because it was the "right" time to sell those particular styles. I understand now they are supposed to tell you on receipt that they have a huge backlog. THEY DID NOT. When I talked to the woman last week she gave an excuse of being too busy that day, but she would look into it next day and call back. Nada. So, today I asked for the shoes back. Reply: We have buckets and buckets of things back there and until they surface for display, we can't do anything about it. And no, even though this was our mistake and we admit to same, we can't put anyone to work on finding them for you. I'll put a note on your file and call you when they are ready to put on display so you can pick them up. Am I desperate for the money? Of course not. Am I angry at this shabby treatment.... Sept and now? You bet. Because forewarned in Sept I could have gone elsewhere, and someone could have been enjoying these shoes which was my only intent in the first place, since my feet declined. You can tell I don't frequent these places ( sew a lot) because others were aware (Benjiboy jewellery post). Won't be going to this one ever again once I recover the shoes..........if I live that long! 🤣
  2. FYI: Taken from Global news.ca on line this morning: TORONTO — Two travellers who arrived in Toronto from the United States have been fined for providing fake COVID-19 proof of vaccination documents and lying about pre-departure tests. The Public Health Agency of Canada says the travellers also didn’t comply with requirements to stay at a government-authorized hotel or to get tested upon arrival. The agency says in a news release Friday that the travellers arrived last week and have been handed four fines totalling $19,720 each...... The agency says violating quarantine or isolation instructions when entering Canada could lead to a $5,000 fine for each day of non-compliance or each offence, or more serious penalties including six months in prison or $750,000 in fines. So don't mess with Canada, where CoV is taken VERY seriously!! 🚫
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