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  1. Dear Dovey was abandoned with 8 pups. Her "kids" have since found homes, and now, she wants a chance for love! Dovey is sweet with a placid disposition, about 5 years old and medium in size. She may have a dash of Shar Pei in her DNA... she'd be happy to go to your home... and STAY! CONTACT US
  2. Our Juno is an Alaskan Malamute. He's a fun-spirited fellow, very affectionate and very large! Juno is about 3 years old. We think he was just turned loose to fend for himself. As a Northern Breed working dog, he needs daily walks, and somebody perhaps was "just not up to it". No matter, you don't need a gym, if you adopt JUNO! CONTACT US
  3. Abe has an AMAZING grin, wider than a mile (or in our case, 1.60934 kilometers) and an AMAZING personality. Affection is his favorite thing, as are hugs, kisses and cuddles! Abe is perhaps a Shar Pei and Bull Terrier mix, about 4 years old, medium size. Found abandoned and sad, he's happy now at the Ranch, but Abe would be even HAPPIER to be YOUR dog! CONTACT US
  4. First, me companions, let me clear up a wee bit o' something! PIRATA is a dog of the Spanish Main! Spanish does not switch genders for the word, "pirate", a "pirata" may be a lad or a lass! In this case Pirata is a cuddly, silky coated LAD of 9 months. He may say "bow-bow-wow" instead of "yo-ho-ho", and though medium in size, he may grow some. His kin are unknown! But no matter, ADOPT him and you've found your treasure! CONTACT US
  5. Abandoned with 4 other siblings, this 5-month-old puppy boy we expect will grow to be medium in size. At least we hope he grows into his EARS! Which could mean he will be a really big boy. Toffee is full of puppy energy and would like to offer his sweetness, regardless of his breed, which is anyone's guess. He's too big for a candy dish, but just the right size for your heart and home! CONTACT US
  6. CONTACT US Our Ranch dogs and puppies are all ready to share your home and your heart. Most of our current dogs are on our Website so take a look. Then visit us to see all our dogs and puppies. http://www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com/ranchdogs.html
  7. Rescued as abandoned pups, we present Bimba, Rolando and Katia! Their 4th sister, Venus, has been adopted, but her siblings are growing, and each would be your very SPECIAL canine! At 5 months, these pups are frisky bundles of fun. Based on their size at this age, we think their adult size may be medium, to "trending larger" medium. Breed mix? We think purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) with perhaps some German Shepherd in tne mix. CONTACT US
  8. This playfully gentle boy was abandoned. Jude is super sweet, medium in size, and approximately 1 year old. Jude's "breed" is a mix of love, fur and longing...for the home only YOU can give him! CONTACT US
  9. WOW – Another chance to meet, greet, and (hopefully!) adopt a wonderful dog or pup! If you can't stop by this Saturday, please check us out next Wednesday!!!
  10. Wouldn't you love to cuddle her to sleep? Our Sydney was abandoned with a few other dogs. The owners just could not afford the expense of properly caring for all of them. This little muffin is 4 to 5 months old, and we think she's a Boxer mix. We expect she will be medium in size as an adult dog, but will remain a big silly sweetie. CONTACT US
  11. Dang, we all know life can be hard! Rowan's owner died in a tragic car accident. He is about four years old and calm – he's past all that silly puppy stuff. He's medium in size and perhaps a Spaniel mix. Sweet and gentle, Rowan has a timid side, so maybe YOU are the one to win him over and make his dream of a forever home come true! CONTACT US
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