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Found 3 results

  1. Though I've lived in Chapala and Ajijic for 12 years, it wasn't until about three days ago that I got a rash from taking a shower. After about 10-15 minutes exposure to the (unfiltered) shower water, I notice an itching in the pit of my elbows and knees, and around the ankles. There are red spots in these areas. Both the itching and the spots disappear quickly after drying off. I'm wondering what is in the water that is causing this: a chemical compound, parasite...? I'm living in Chapala in the vicinity of Electristas, between Soriana and Nuevo Chapala. What's your experience?
  2. We're in search of a new company to help us with an existing water purification system. For the main house we have combination of carbon and UV light with RO under the kitchen sink. We had to install the RO system because the main house water filtering through the carbon filters and UV tastes terrible and has a weird smell. It's been checked out by the supplier who installed the system said it was fine. He said possibly the water should be checked for arsenic. We have not done this. Filters have been changed, etc. We live in Chula Vista. Our neighbors say their water is fine. Any thoughts on this problem and recommendations for a different supplier? We think the problem may be in the filtration or ?? Can PM me if you like. Many thanks!
  3. We are renting a vacation home in Guatemala. In the kitchen is a free-standing water filter which holds 22 liters of water. It was already filled when we arrived and we simply top it off with the non-potable Guatemalan tap water as we use it. I did some research on the product and it's quite interesting. I found a Mexican site for the product as well (https://ecofiltro.mx/) but have never seen it locally. While many of us have UV or other water treatments in our homes, the average Mexican household does not. The waste of materials and energy in the constant delivery of garrafones may one day end in Mexico. https://ecofiltro.com/en The filtering unit is produced out of 3 natural materials, clay, sawdust and colloidal silver. Together these materials have the following characteristics: Clay creates micro channels within the inner walls of the filtering unit and catches all contaminants that the water contains, such as solids, BACTERIA AND PARASITES. Sawdust becomes activated carbon and removes the bad smell, taste and turbidity of water coming from any source (stream, river, well, lake or pond). Colloidal silver is impregnated on the surface of the ceramic filter after it has been fired in the kiln. Colloidal silver is a bactericide used worldwide to purify water and has no side effects. This serves as a second protector to neutralize the contaminants.
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