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  1. 46 minutes ago, RickS said:

    Adding solar in Mexico is almost a no-brainer. Payback less than 5 years I'm told by friends.

    Adding battery backup to one's solar?  Well I'm not so sure about that one. It's surely a convenience thing...one cannot compute 'payback' as there is 'none'....    Now if I or a housemate needed something like an oxygen concentrator, and if CFE continues to be more unreliable after years of pretty good stability, then maybe yes. Some things are NOT measured by 'payback'.


    We are almost completely electric now and rely on our solar panels. 

  2. On 5/11/2022 at 7:19 PM, dottiejane said:

    since i have precoonditions = pace maker and breast cancer and am OLD enough (85) to have ridden a dinosaur - - I doubt I could get GNP - what kind of error could it have been to cost 5000?  i keep off of everything with wheels - i just use the two feet I can still walk on - hoping I don't trip but there are no assurances even with them.  d

    Hi Dottiejane. You may want to reconsider your move.  Medical treatment may be a fraction of what it costs in the US, but it can be significant. One friend needed an emergency heart valve replacement—$80,000 USD. Another was taken to a well known hospital in Guadalajara—$50,000 USD before he could be released. A dear friend just moved back to the US from her truly wonderful nursing home. 

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  3. On 2/7/2022 at 1:20 PM, cstone said:

    I would say that to feel at all comfortable paying for catastrophic care, $250,000USD is a minimum. Day to day and minor surgical/treatments/interventions are reasonable and easy to pay out of pocket, but cancer, brain surgeries, open heart surgeries, kidney failure, trauma from a car accident, etc., can pile up the bills quickly. Then, if you spend $100K the first incident, you need to have enough to cover another one , whether for you or your spouse. At my age, it is highly unlikely that I would be able to easily earn more $$$ to put in the fund.

    I agree. If you want to survive a serious condition, $250,000 is a reasonable slush fund. Also, do not give up Medicare A and B. I have an Ajijic friend who flies back to the US every two weeks to receive cancer treatment she cannot afford in Mexico.

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