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  1. You will never succeed in changing the negative, ugly connotations in English and Spanish of the term "gringo." Why not just stop using it?
  2. Thanks for the good info John. I have already done all you suggested except for plugging a phone into the phone1 line. The Ilox fellow plugged my phone in there and it is working fine with the 109-xxxx number. Before I do it all again do you know if the exercise will work with the other line?
  3. My iLox installer was supposed to port my phone number. Instead, he assigned me a new number. I have sent an email and visited the storefront trying to get this fixed. Anyone have the same problem and got a solution?
  4. From our veranda in Villa Nova we can see a long trail of fire going down the mountain to the east. Anyone know what is happening?
  5. Still waiting up the hill in Villa Nova. Not happy with the return on my $1400 "loan" to iLox for early service. Would love to know the numbers of folks in my situation.
  6. There is a lot of BS in the various defences of ILox. As an early prepayer I am enraged that the fact that I live on top the the hill in Villa Nova is an excuse to postpone installation. The rolled up cables are hanging on the poles and I have contacted iLox with location, date of payment, and contact information. No response except from a boilerplate email from the ceo. This is not good business and should not be regarded as such. Why can't one of the idle installers come hook me up?
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