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  1. Hi, need a ride around the first of April. (Very flexible). Im a 73 yr male with references lakeside and the US. I have 3 moderately small bags. App. total weight about 50 lbs or less. Will help with driving and fuel. Im reasonably familiar with the route. Thanks, Wayne PS I live in Chapala
  2. Cases cases cases with a 98 percent recovery rate. And the CDC says this is the first year in 130 years of record keeping that the normal flu is almost nonexistent. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9206071/Flu-wiped-lowest-level-130-YEARS-seasonal-virus-plummets-95.html Sounds a little too convenient to me, but that’s just me.
  3. Thanks for the information Mainecoons. Much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I’m trying to send a regular letter to someone lakeside. I have tried to call Handymail’s US number to get the Laredo mailing address, but they haven’t returned my calls. Also what is the procedure for actually sending and receiving a letter to Handymail ? Thanks, Wayne
  5. Thanks for the answers Mostlylost and artsnob. I hope to leave around the 12th or the 15th. Don’t have a schedule, just need to go.
  6. Hi, has anyone driven to Laredo lately via the toll roads? Are there any check points to turn back non residents along the way? Also I would welcome anyone that wants to convoy. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know if US citizens can cross the Laredo Texas border going north? (I will be driving). Thanks
  8. Hi Bobby, may I ask what banks are a good option? Thanks
  9. Hi, has anyone else needed a US phone number for verification to access your Capitalone 360 account? When I was here before my email was good enough for verification. Does anyone have a work around for this? (They won’t accept my MagicJack or Skype numbers).
  10. Thanks Angus. I was just now able to contact the (Mexico) Consulate General in Nogales Az They speak English and Spanish. The person my wife spoke to said as of today there is no restrictions on travel for tourists. +1 520 287 2521 informacion.sre.gob.mx/Nogales/ I hope this helps others.
  11. Hi, has anyone gotten a TIP and tourist permit at Nogales in the last few Days? I hear conflicting reports that yes you can and no you can’t. We will be leaving AZ to go to Chapala on or about the 26th to the 31st of March. Thanks
  12. Thanks John and telz. That will really help as we are currently in the US but coming to lakeside in March.
  13. Hi, does anyone have the contact info for the immigration attorney that is at LCS on(I think) Thursdays?
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