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  1. Does anyone have his office address and phone number??
  2. Has anyone found a place in the chapala, Ajijic area to take a sewing machine for repair
  3. I have Canadian friends who call the Us border every cople of days to be sure it is open as they wait for their second Vaccine down here They have never been told by the border that Canadians cannot cross I would take that persons comment with a grain os salt I had no problem passing through the border with a Canadian frien to get our Vaccines in Laredo
  4. sue

    There are a few sites in loredo where is oneĀ 

    Health Mart0.0 Miles Away

    1219 Matamoros St., Laredo, TX, 78040

    Vaccine in stock

    As of 4 minutes ago appointments were available

    MON MAY 10

    14 Slots

    TUE MAY 11

    14 Slots

    WED MAY 12

    14 Slots
  5. Mercado libra Petmate Indigo Dog House - Tan $18,748.75 in 12x$1,562.40 without interest
  6. The Ecology Dept is in the same building where you go to pay your property Tax bill . Main floor off to your left or You can ask the person managing the information stall inside the front door they will direct you.
  7. The Government offices close for the 2 weeks around Easter The Holiday started Monday and lasts till April 10th.
  8. The new laws against animal abuse are not fully understood or applied equally yet I would take your complaint to the ecology Department in Chapala if the birds are being abused then the abuse should be reported they have the ability to not only stop the abuse but to lay fines against the people who are causing it .This administration is trying their best to help the animals that is why the new municipal shelter SOS Chapala came into being.
  9. The store west of the gym in Riberas not only has a selection of large pots but if you show them a picture of what you are looking for they have brought items back from Tonala for me Their markup is very low far less than the cost of gas to make a trip to Tonala.
  10. Only if you are prepared to cheat Every province has a limited number of days you can live outside your Canadian home and still use the Canadian health care system and if the bill is big enough they have been known to check.
  11. The rules are very simple and rev Canada is only to happy to assist you. You can google the information and call the numbers listed It is an easy process I had my accountant put a notice on my last income tax that I submitted before leaving Canada to advise them that I was declaring Non - resident status for the future . We have a Tax treaty with Mexico which limits your tax on pensions etc to 15 % They take that at source... pretty easy.
  12. Scallion did a really good turkey dinner for Thanksgiving so that would be my suggestion of a place to try for Christmas they have enough space between tables It is usually a buffet for special days.
  13. I am very sorry you had that experience visiting our store. The staff is supposed to wear their masks at all times They have been provided with sufficient masks so there is no excuse.I have sent a copy of your message to the store manager Luis,and asked him to have another talk with the staff. Please advise him if you find employees without masks in your future visits. We all wish to remain as safe as possible during these times.
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