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  1. I do not know about Chapala, however, there is a huge fire for the last week in Tapalpa, Carrizal, and Atemajac de Brizuela with smoke reaching lakeside. Thick smoke in Jocotepec and San Juan Cosalá. One firefighter dead and hundreds evacuated.
  2. Yes, choose wisely. A fellow expat who went to Dr. Death in Ajijic was told he had to go by ambulance to Guadalajara immediately for cardio tests and potential surgery. He went and met with the Cardio in GDL as recommended. Next day surgery was pushed on him. He chose to get a second opinion. He sent his labs to his US cardio. The US cardio compared the GDL labs with the most recent labs he had on file for the patient. The lab work from the GDL cardio were of someone else's heart. The patient traveled to the US and repeated the lab work, he did not have an emergency cardiac event. YMMV
  3. Actually that album was very popular with the stoners.
  4. FWIW, Regardless of which company you choose for appliance repairs, I suggest that upon diagnosis of the repair issue do not allow the tech to remove the defective part. He may ask to take the defective part to Guad to search for a replacement part. You will never see him again. Better to suggest that he take fotos of the part along with model and serial number of the appliance. Just my 2 centavos. I have had good luck with the guy in Riberas, I forget his name but probably it was Gualberto. Camarena appliance repairs on Colon in Ajijic mountain side, err, buena suerte. YMMV
  5. Not to mention the fact that it was the French who entered the Revolutionary war in 1775 on behalf of the Americans and broke the British Naval blockade. George Washington's army would have been destroyed in a matter of a few months had the French not intervened on their behalf.
  6. My suggestion is that if anyone has a will prepared by a local notario, then it would be most prudent to locate a capable attorney to review the will with you line by line. A certified translator and lawyer at lakeside that I plan to use is Anna Siller. The attorney and notario who are most often recommended on this webboard have neither been honest nor capable with my legal issues. YMMV. Win some, lose some.
  7. I use whatsapp to communicate with Totalplay. My fingers work better than my ears so communicating via text is less frustrating and more productive.
  8. Rosa Zepeda 332 801 7499. Managed the Vivero across from Laguna Centro for about 25 years. Bi lingual and thoroughly familiar with all local plants. Buena suerte.
  9. FWIW, with a cancer diagnosis in the US, we also had GNP insurance in Mexico who had one of the top oncologist/hematologists in Jalisco in their network. I forget his credentials but it was something like President of the Council of Hematologists in Jalisco. Exact same diagnosis and exact same treatment protocol as the US. Our Gold Plan BCBS policy in the US required that we wait until Stage 3 for treatment. Got cancer, good luck with that Due diligence on your part and luck is your friend when it comes to health care here or there.
  10. I think the CO2 process and third party testing is very important. I would not experiment with CBD products for pets that are available locally. Your pet may never wake up. Although local CBD products may have benefit for humans the results may be disastrous for a pet. Nuleaf is a quality product.
  11. Probably the most dangerous drug event in Ajijic is when an older guy drops his pill box in Bar Azteca and mistakenly takes an Ambien for a Viagra.😵
  12. On a sidebar, if you have the need to ship via DHL (i.e. Amazon returns), then Ishop San Antonio nor Ishop San Juan Cosala can help you. That leaves the DHL office on the carretera en Ajijic el centro, so good luck with parking. There is a new DHL office in Joco for the West enders. It is on the main drag Miguel Arana one block before the plaza when coming from San Juan Cosala. It is to the right of the Veterinary supply store.
  13. I had that problem once and the solution was to spray the sheets with Coors Light. They were gone within seconds.
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