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  1. FWIW https://themazatlanpost.com/2019/11/16/lake-chapala-is-nominated-by-national-geographic-as-the-2nd-best-climate-in-the-world/?amp
  2. IIRC, years ago the #1 climate was somewhere in Kenya, and Chapala Lakeside area came in #2 or #3. Nowadays, not so sure anymore if that ranking remains the same.
  3. Since the rain comes from the East, I remain eyes focused on the Youtube Monterrey weather girl Janeth Garcia.
  4. I should have been a weatherman. You can be wrong 95% of the time but still keep your job.
  5. If you get stuck with a language hiccup, she will use her phone with google/translator. I suggest to bring copies of your Curp, driver's licence, visa, recent CFE bill, passport, original factura, tarjeta circulaciĆ³n. You won't need all of that but just in case. If you have used that office before and do not remember your assigned user name/password, usuario/contraseƱa, then she will ask for your email/password so she can request a reset of your username/password with the gob. Later that day you will receive the reset info from the gob with new username/password. Then you return and she can complete the appt. with the Recaucadora. Sounds complicated, but it is not really. She is a multi tasker and will assist three clients simultaneously so patience and politeness will help. Buena suerte.
  6. I was there this morning also and yes all conversation was in Spanish.
  7. Three years ago we installed 450w panels. I think now the panels are 500/550w.
  8. Edit: "When you identify with the plot of a book but then realize it is a psychiatry manual,"
  9. IMO, it is simpler to go to the Recaudadora in Chapala and pay 200p at the small abarrotes tienda to schedule your appt. It is to the immediate right of the indoor entrance of the Recaudadora offices. They will make the appt for you. I have not been in 6 months. I transferred 3 vehicles last year in this manner after wasting many hours with the Joco Recaudadora and the online process. Buena suerte.
  10. My hearing is not too good but what I understand is that the locals call that intersection crucero. Either way, it is where Vicente Guerrero ends at the junction with Morelia-Guadalajara Hwy 15 West of Joco. The buses that stop there are the Mazamitla and Sur Lines. The blue Joco buses leave the camionera in el centro near Senor del Monte. They probably stop at the crucero also if you flag one down.
  11. Crucero is at Hwy 15 (Morelia/Guadalajara) y Vicente Guerrero. Joco bus station, blue buses, 1/2 blk in front of Templo Senor Del Monte. Seniors 1/2 price. I doubt if the bus will stop at Costco either way since it is on the lateral. Does not hurt to ask though.
  12. Singer Model 5400 with case. Used less than 4 hours. 3500
  13. No delivery available. 2500 ** SOLD **
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