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  1. @CanadianLady, a friendly tip for new members here. You will find that if your posts include grammatical and spelling errors, then you will receive many more replies. DAMHIK 🤡
  2. Found a set of keys in Wal mart parking lot. Msg me if you"re missing a set
  3. There is not much pricing consistency in many areas outside of lakeside. No one knows a price so they just throw a number out there that seems to be close on many items. In these areas, I think seldom there is intent on their part to cheat anyone. On the other hand in gentrified communities such as those located North lakeside I expect to pay a few pesos more occasionally.
  4. A problem with using an internet search engine for restaurants at lakeside is that some lakeside restaurants change locations overnite it seems. The info on search engines is at times not updated. Bobby's Escondido or Bobby's La Terraza (and other names/addresses comes to mind). Great friend chicken though once you find him.
  5. Nowadays "just google it" is not much different than "It must be true I read it on facebook!" A Canadian friend of mine who has been waiting for months for a cardiac procedure, ablation, asked me for a cardio reference in Guadalajara. I gave him a referral and he followed up. The cardio in Guad quoted the cost at $48,000 USD. My Canuck friend googled that cost and discovered that the cost was only $12,000 in the US so he was going to the US rather than risk an imminent death in Canada. Hey, let's use some critical thinking here. I spent about an hour on Google Search. I realized that the US cost was in excess of $100,000 USD. The sites that rise to the top on page one of Google Search were planted there by Gen Z kids savvy with SEO . They know how to follow the money. So yep, I agree with op. It's a new world out there today. YMMV, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
  6. In recent months many trucks are now re-routing thru Hwy 54 Aquascalientes-Zacatecas-Saltillo. The 54 route will probably become as bad as 57 fairly soon.
  7. Anyone have a recommendation for one in Guadalajara?
  8. I forgot what "Pull my finger" meant so I had to look that up...
  9. More to come, Huracán Adrián: Alcanza la categoría 1; traerá lluvias fuertes a Jalisco (informador.mx)
  10. Some twits put a bypass jumper wire in the CFE meter for free juice. Free until CFE shows up to inspect, then a huge fine folliws 20,000+. Not recommended.
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